Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Midweek Moment

Dear Friends,

We began living into our new leadership structure for 2019 last night as the Church Leaders Council met for the very first time. It was a great time of sharing as we got to know one another a bit and began to look at our common tasks in this year ahead. We shared about challenges in different ministry areas, but we chose to frame those not as obstacles but as opportunities and that we as leaders and pastors feel that Community is up to the tasks.

The people representing you in the Leaders Council are as follows: Dave Withers, chair; Kevin Milhorn, vice-chair; Mike Hanna, Lay Leader; Mike Weer, Chair of Finance; Sandi Moore, Chair of Staff Parish Relations; George Clive, Chair of Trustees; Pastor Loida, Pastor Daryl and myself; as well as our four Pillar Leaders: Kathi Moschos with Connect, Dorothy Wockenfuss with GROW, Giselle Lawn with Missions (represented last night by Elsa Kaye), and Diane Parette with Foundations.

In the coming days and weeks ahead you will see some inserts in the weekly worship bulletins highlighting these different ministry areas and how you can connect with folks regarding questions or concerns you might have.

Please be in prayer for these leaders in 2019 and for all of our church's elected leaders and ministry volunteers.


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