Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Midweek Moment

This year for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for every person in worship and corresponding to the occasion, we pledged $1 per person towards a local mission. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we donated over $1,500 to Esther House and Open Arms Village combined.

Esther House is “a twelve-month Christ-centered residential reentry program for adult women released from incarceration seeking to change their life for good.” Open Arms Village “exists to create a safe community that treats homeless individuals with dignity and provides for their basic needs... [as they] move themselves toward independence.” Both of these missions, at their very core, seek to better the lives of those they serve. I believe that our gift to them will further enable them to serve in this way. In fact, for Esther House, I know it will.

A week after Mother’s Day, I was leaving the church for the night and I ran into the executive director for Esther House. I asked how things were going and I got a wonderful response. Esther House was in need of something to help their mission and the cost was rather high. High enough that they did not have the funds. But the necessity was so strong they pushed ahead and asked God to provide. Shortly after this, our check arrived in the mail and it covered the expense. Praise God!

Our decision to support Esther House with a Mother’s Day gift was not done in conjunction with them, meaning we knew they had a need. Once we felt God guiding us to honor Mother’s Day in this way, we began to pray and ask for guidance as to where the money would go. Esther House was the answer all of us received. God knew the need before we did, God knew the need before the people at Esther House did, and God made the way. What a great God we serve!

My friends, that is the hand of God at work. And that is what can happen when we are faithful to go where God leads. I am grateful to each of you for your support of this church, which allows us to support others. Your faithfulness paves the way for God’s blessings to be felt far and wide and gives us the opportunity to see it unfold and it is in those moments that we can see a piece of the Kingdom of God.

I am looking forward to what God has in store for us here at Community, as we bind together to be the church and the embodiment of Christ to the people around us!


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