Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Midweek Moment

I have a fairly short list of things that are my “WOW!” list. Now there are many things that make me happy and will bring a smile to my face. But my “WOW!” list is reserved for those things that leave me speechless, give me goosebumps, and last for more than a moment. The things on my “WOW!” list will take my breath away, deepen my faith, and leave me in awe of my God.

One of the items on that list is a great experience in worship. You know those moments when the Holy Spirit is moving so deep through the music and the Word, that the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I love those moments and the accompanying emotions of those moments can stay with me for days. And here at Community UMC, there are a lot of those types of moments! I love those moments and truth be told, I need those moments. When I can live in that moment, God’s voice seems clearer, God’s presence seems deeper, my outlook and perspective on many aspects of life seems more positive. Those experiences can give me strength to get through the toughest of weeks and situations as well as the clarity to see great visions for the future.

That is why worship is so vital, and worship within a community so important. That is why this staff and our fabulous lay volunteers put so much effort into our Sunday mornings. We want each and every person that walks through our doors to have the chance to experience God, each and every time they enter. We want the words that are offered, the music that they hear, the sacraments we observe and the offerings we give to God, to be a means by which people can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in their midst.

That got me thinking about how we can make those moments last and I want to try an experiment. I want us to look for those moments and guard them. I want to see what would happen if we can make a corporate commitment to cease all talk of church business on Sunday mornings. That means any idea/comment/issue that we feel, we wait till a later day. Now if a water pipe bursts and the bathroom is flooding, that is one thing and needs immediate attention. But all others…we wait. Those conversations and comments I am talking about are those things that do not have to be taken care of, or cannot be taken of, on a Sunday. Imagine what would it be like if all we did on Sunday mornings was worship and look for ways to experience God?

I know it is tempting to talk church business on Sunday mornings because we are all here. But let us try and refrain. Let us not have parking lot meetings, send emails with problems/comments, or search out people in the hallways on Sundays to take care of things. Let us make Sundays strictly a day of worship and fellowship. A day we can celebrate Christ, the blessings of God, and deepen our bonds with one another. A day where we can come to this sacred place and our only focus in on God and the Holy Spirit’s movement in our midst.

I think if we all band together in this endeavor, we will all experience richer Sunday mornings and deeper worship experiences; ones that will draw us in and leave us in awe of our awesome God!


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