Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Midweek Moment

Last month Pastor Debbie and myself had the privilege and honor or participating in the installation service for our new District Superintendent, June Edwards. During the service, June spoke about the need for all churches to evaluate their ministries and missions and engage in the work of building bridges through our communities. She spoke about the need to make sure we are all being everything we can be to the neighborhoods where we are located. Churches are not meant to be closed societies, benefiting only their members, but communities of faith eager to reach out to those around them.

We have so many wonderful things to celebrate here at Community UMC. We are involved in numerous outreach ministries around Fruitland Park and in the surrounding neighborhoods. That happens because we have staff and many people in our family that know and understand that type of involvement is the life into which Christ calls all of us; to be the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ to all the world. But the other side of that coin, is not to rest on our laurels. I want us to always keep asking ourselves, are we everything God is calling us to be? Are we doing everything we can to reach the people around us?

I want to encourage you to join me in constantly praying for God’s wisdom in this area. I want to ask you all to join me in consistently praying for God to open doors that we can walk through to share the love of Christ with those people that live around this church. We have a calling to be Christ’s ambassadors to this world, a calling that we have been equipped to carry out.

But in order for us to carry this out, we have to be all in. We have to be willing to turn all that we have and all that we are over to God. We have to be willing to give of our time, of ourselves, and of our gifts and finances. We have to completely turn ourselves over to God so that the Holy Spirit will flow through us with nothing to diminish its strength. And we all have to be a part of this, working together.

I am so excited about what we can do as Christ’s ambassadors for the people of Fruitland Park! I am so anxious to see what we can do as the body of Community UMC! I hope you will join me this year and be all in as we work to build the Kingdom of God together.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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