Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Midweek Moment

Pastor Debbie and I have been experiences countless “firsts” as we live out our faith among you all. Our first Advent this past December. Our first Winterfest this coming Saturday. This list could go on and on and since so many things happen in the life of this church our “firsts” have been plentiful.

Each and every day is a new adventure for us as we continue to learn more about you all, our new family. One of the many things we have learned is that there are A LOT of people here at Community; and that is a wonderful thing! It tells us that the Spirit of God is blowing through this church and its people. It shows others that we are excited about our faith and that we are sharing that excitement with others.

One of the things we teach in our new member classes is that our church must never stop growing, because that is a Biblical truth. Colossians tells us, “Under Christ’s control, the whole Body is nourished…and grows as God wants it to grow.” Many studies have bared this truth as they conclude churches go in two directions – growth or death. There is no such thing as a stagnant church that is healthy.

Now I understand that church numbers are not the end all, be all of church health and vitality. They are simply one tool of many to help us see where we are in fulfilling our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

With that in mind, I have an article that I would like to share with you all from blogger, Len Wilson. Len has spent countless hours compiling the average worship attendance from United Methodist churches across our country. In the article he explains his methodology and purpose. As you peruse the list you might find some churches you have heard of or even a few in which you have worshiped. I want to encourage you read all the way to end.

To read the article, just click here. Go ahead and read it. I will wait right here for you to return. Seriously, go and read it. I promise I will be right here when you get back.

Did you notice something? I am sure you saw that we were not on the list. But did you keep reading? All the way to the bottom? To the last section entitled, “Four churches average just under 1000 AWA…”? Did you see the name of the last church they mentioned? It was us!!

My friends, we are growing and we are growing fast. More and more people are coming to us to experience God and the love of Christ. More and more people are coming back because they feel the power of the Holy Spirit in this community. How wonderful is that! Many of you have shared with Pastor Debbie and I about the opportunities you have seized to talk to other people about your church and how you have invited them to come and worship with us.

I want to encourage you to keep talking about your church. I want to invite you to continue looking for those moments when the door opens and you can invite people to come and join our family. We have a wonderful story in the form of the Gospels that have to share with all people. I know that with all of us working together, there are tremendous things in store for us as the body of Christ called Community United Methodist Church!

Have a great week and I will see you this weekend!

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