Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Midweek Moment

Here we are firmly in the midst of Advent, a time of year that is very important to our faith. I want to share with you just an excerpt from our Board of Discipleship website that explains just a bit about what Advent. “Advent is a season for remembering and celebrating the culmination of all things in Christ. Advent puts Christmas into its proper place, not as a comforting destination or early winter way station, but rather as nothing less than the completely disruptive inbreaking of the God who, through this birth, makes all things new.”

Many of us have heard about how Advent is a time of preparation. While we are not preparing for the First Advent that culminated in Christ’s birth, we are looking toward the second Advent for when Jesus will return. But this quote helps us to put a finer point on the matter. It is more than just preparation; more than just making sure we behave; more than just getting ourselves right before God.

Advent is making room for the “disruptive inbreaking of the God who, through this birth, makes all things new.” It means new life, fresh faith, and emergent hope. It means that redemption comes alive as not only our faith journeys, but the journeys of others, are transformed. It is that tremendous gift from our Creator that restores us before God and draws us closer to our Lord. It is that reminder that everything changed with the birth of that tiny baby in Bethlehem, all those years ago.

This advent, I pray you experience that newness. A newness so transforming that it leaves you trembling and overwhelmed. A newness that leaves no doubt in your soul that you have been touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope it helps you see more things, all things, from a new perspective, from Christ’s perspective. Make room in your life for that newness, for that change, for that transformation. Because once we receive that power and redemption from on high, then comes the best part…sharing it with others!

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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