Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Midweek Moment

Last week we began the series on Best Kept Secret: Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith. Pastor Daryl shared our common fears about the word evangelism - what will we say? how will people respond? do I know enough? 

As people of faith who walk with God, we have the most amazing news in the entire world. We should endeavor to make sure that the good news of the Gospel is not the best kept secret around. Sharing our faith does not have to be just "cold call" evangelism where we beat people over the head with a Bible and a track or the 4 spiritual laws. It can be relational as we build relationships with those around us. 

In particular for those who wrestle with sharing this good news with others or with inviting your friends to church, there's a few questions for you to consider. Because the answer to these things can help you in being more clear about your own spiritual walk as well as why we need to communicate these things to the people around us.  

Why do people need Jesus? 
What is significant about Jesus? Why is it important for people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? What difference has your relationship with Jesus made in your own life? 

Why do people need the church? 
What is important about the body of Christ known as the church? What difference does being part of a community make in your life? 

Why do people need Community United Methodist Church? 
What is significant about being part of the United Methodist Church? What impact does Community make in the lives of people inside and outside of its walls? What difference has being a part of this church made in your life and family? 

Let's prayerfully consider these questions as we continue exploring the Best Kept Secret over the next two weeks. I look forward to seeing you in worship this weekend!


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